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Business BVI features Harneys' Offshore Funds Blog

Publication Date:
8 February 2016

Business BVI has reported on Harneys' Offshore Funds Blog, which has seen continued success since launch. 

In the article, Partner Philip Graham commented: “Before we started the blog, we noticed that there isn’t really a place where people can go for this type of information. The blog provides a forum where we can bring information to readers in an easy-to-digest format,” he continued.

“With two new BVI funds structures introduced last year we felt it was a good time to launch a blog that helps demystify the funds and reach wide audiences. Readers can tell us what challenges they are facing – what they’d like to hear about and we do our best to address these in future blog posts. We encourage readers to get in touch and join the conversation. Over the past six months, the blog has been growing organically, and includes a good amount of information,” Philip added.

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