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Ian Gobin interviewed in Hedgeweek

Publication Date:
10 April 2017

Harneys partner Ian Gobin was interviewed by HedgeWeek as part of its recent ‘Offshore Law Firm of the Year' awards win at the HedgeWeek annual awards last month.

"We challenge the industry by bringing personality to the table with our clients. We have a different culture to a lot of other offshore law firms. Rather than simply providing an anonymous service from a distance, if a client is looking for an offshore law firm to be their back-office legal team and care about every aspect of their business, and provide real value at the right price point, they should look no further than Harneys. Ultimately, our job is to make the life of a general counsel and fund manager as easy as possible and to make those referring work to us look good in the eyes of their clients," said Ian. 

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