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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Lachlan Greig

Restructuring and Insolvency - 2016 in review: The rise of Cayman Islands share valuation disputes and professional dissenting shareholders

During 2016, shareholders in Cayman Islands companies often availed themselves of the Court procedure for determining the fair value of their shares. That trend is likely to continue into 2017. A substantial driver of this has been the perceived...

Restructuring and Insolvency - Cayman decision of Herald Fund SPC

The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal decision in In the matter of the Herald Fund SPC (In Official Liquidation) has provided some clarity on the ranking of priority in liquidation of amounts owing to shareholders and former shareholders of a company...

Restructuring and Insolvency - New York Supreme Court rules that derivative claims under Cayman law must first go through the Cayman Courts

Summary A recent decision by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York has affirmed a first instance decision of the Supreme Court1 that the law of the Cayman Islands applied2 on the question of the law applicable to derivative...

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