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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Peter Tarn

Tax and Regulatory - Sanctions: European Union significantly toughens its stance towards Russia

Note: This is an update to our last bulletin on this subject of 13 August 2014. The new measures are relevant to Harneys' core jurisdictions: Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. Concurrent with the conclusion of the NAT...

Tax and Regulatory - EU implements new sanctions on Ukraine and Russia

As the crisis over Ukrainian sovereignty has deepened, notably following the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the EU has sought to increase punitive measures on rebel groups within Ukraine and targets within Russia. The recent key measures increase...

Tax and Regulatory - Update: Impact of Sanctions in Ukraine and Russia Under the Laws of Cyprus, the BVI and the Cayman Islands

In an earlier update we outlined in summary the application of the first round of EU sanctions on Ukraine, relevant to former President Viktor Yanukovich and his close allies. Here we provide an update on the fast moving pace of events surrounding new...

Investment Funds - BVI and Cayman to enter into FATCA Model 1 agreements with United States

Both jurisdictions also pledge to sign up to “UK FATCA” The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, commonly referred to as FATCA, became effective earlier this year, and foreign financial institutions (“FFIs”) in every...

Cyprus - Legal impacts of the Cyprus banking crisis

20 March 2013 - Harneys is closely monitoring the evolving situation in Cyprus. Naturally we have, over the past few days, been assisting those of our clients who have accounts in Cyprus or corporate structures which involve Cyprus entities in evaluating...

Asia - Chinese Outbound Investment and the Role of the BVI Company

In an article first published by China Business Law Journal in April 2011, Peter Tarn and Ian Mann discuss the uses of BVI companies in facilitiating outbound investment from China. The article is available in English and Chinese. Publication: China Bu

BVI - De-registering security interests in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands law has a relatively straightforward system for registering security interests created by companies incorporated in the jurisdiction.

BVI - International Regulation of Offshore Finance Centres

In this article written and published by the Practical Law Company, Global Head of Banking & Finance Peter Tarn contributes views and opinions about recent developments aimed at enhancing international tax information exchange and their impact on

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