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Tax and Regulatory - BRRD - The Cyprus position

In early 2013 the Cyprus banking sector was in severe difficulties. As a result of the disproportionately large banking sector, Cyprus was facing a major economic crisis. Laiki bank, the second largest bank in Cyprus, was on the verge of bankruptcy...

BVI - More questions of standing of beneficial shareholders

In a recent decision in the case of TIPP Investments PCC v. Chagala Group Ltd. et al (BVIHCM 102/2016), Mr Justice Davis-White clarified the issue of the standing of beneficial shareholders that we highlighted in our previous article. As we had said...

Banking and Finance - BVI company names: Most notable features

Many people may not be aware of the multiple features and options concerning the names of BVI companies. In this article, Michelle Frett-Mathavious describes some of the most interesting features.

Trusts & Estates - Private wealth structuring in the BVI

The rise in the number of global HNWIs has seen an increase in demand for lifestyle assets such as yachts, art work, prime real estate and private jets. The BVI’s sophisticated company and trust legislation provides an ideal framework for...

Investment Funds - BVI Funds products for emerging managers who are thinking of setting up a fund

The BVI offers two lightly regulated open-ended fund products, the incubator fund and the approved fund, and an investment management product, the approved manager, which are all specifically targeted at emerging or smaller managers. Harneys has a...

Tax and Regulatory - Amendments to the Cyprus Income Tax Law: IP Box

On 14 October 2016 the Cyprus Income Tax Law (ITL) was amended, effective as from 1 July 2016, introducing a new IP box regime. The new provisions align the Cyprus offering on the taxation of the income from the exploitation or sale of intangible assets...

Restructuring and Insolvency - Unfair prejudice and beneficial shareholders: a confused noise

While the position regarding the standing of struck off companies in BVI is relatively clear (see last year’s English Commercial Court decision of Maritime Investment Holdings Inc v Underwriting Members of Syndicate 1183 Lloyd’s and Others)...

Restructuring and Insolvency - The Bermuda restructuring JPL and the requirement of independence

The Bermuda Commercial Court has provided guidance as to the considerations it will take into account when deciding the identity of the JPLs, further to our article on the Up Energy Group Ltd (the Company) restructuring and the circumstances in which...

Cayman Islands - The Offshore Funds Blog: Brexit rollercoaster ride continues

This post was originally published on The Offshore Funds Blog, which aims to demystify hedge funds. Click here to subscribe to the blog or read the original post. The political and economic rollercoaster ride we’ve been on here in the UK since...

Investment Funds - BVI segregated portfolio companies go from strength to strength

Segregated Portfolio Companies (SPCs) are well recognised and widely used corporate vehicles, and the BVI is seeing increasing demand for them in the funds context. A segregated portfolio company benefits from statutory segregation of its assets and...

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