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Shareholder activism – considerations for BVI companies

Publication Date:
19 July 2017

This article examines the key BVI legal considerations for activist shareholders considering investing in a BVI company.  

Shareholder activism is an increasingly global phenomenon.  Estimates suggest assets under management (AUM) by activist funds increased by more than 1000 per cent over the past decade, with most of that growth occurring since the global financial crisis. Globally, activists’ AUM stand at over US$175 billion but the real volume is undoubtedly greater, as that figure excludes assets of multi-strategy funds and other types of investor who may nevertheless be active in this space. 

As the world’s leading incorporation vehicles, BVI companies are listed on exchanges and conduct business all around the world and so may expect to be involved in activist campaigns or other challenges from shareholders from time to time. However, many investors and their advisers may be less familiar with BVI company law than their domestic legislation. Click here to read the full article.

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