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Reference materials detailing key laws

The Cayman Islands beneficial ownership regime

This Guide explains which companies are in scope and are exempt of the Legislation, who is classed as a beneficial owner and a relevant legal entity, and the obligations for in scope companies and those who hold interests in them. Updated February 2018

Comparison of Cayman Islands limited liability companies and Delaware limited liability companies

This Guide summarises the Cayman LLC Law and sets out the key similarities and differences between the Cayman LLC and limited liability companies formed in the State of Delaware (Delaware LLC) under the Delaware LLC Law.

Cayman Islands Foundation Companies

This Guide sets out the key features of foundation companies and how they are formed and operated.

Bermuda Insolvency Law in 60 Seconds

Harneys' essential, quick guide to Bermuda insolvency law.

BVI and Cayman companies and UK property investments – a perfect match?

Offshore companies, particularly those incorporated in the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands, are commonly used as vehicles to purchase and hold UK real estate.

Guide to Ship Finance in the Cayman Islands

Our guide to Ship Finance in the Cayman Islands.

Key benefits of using BVI structures

This guide highlights the key benefits of using a BVI corporate structure.

Obtaining Cypriot citizenship by investment

This Guide discusses the scheme for naturalisation (citizenship) of investors in Cyprus.

Purpose Trusts: an overview

Under most jurisdictions, unless a trust is established for charitable purposes, the assets require to be held for a specific beneficiary or class of beneficiaries. However, it is possible in the BVI to establish a trust for non-charitable purposes.

Succession planning for your BVI company shares

Where the owner of a BVI company dies, his/her interest in shares in a BVI company cannot be validly transmitted to his/her heirs until the appropriate grant (of probate, letters of administration or re-sealing) has been obtained from the BVI court.

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