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Reference materials detailing key laws

Rights of third parties in the Cayman Islands

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Law gives third parties the ability to enforce contractual rights expressly granted to them in Cayman Islands law governed contracts to which they are not a party, subject to certain exceptions. Update November 2017

Guide to registering security interests created by Cayman Islands exempted companies

This guide discusses the Cayman Islands Companies Law requirements relating to the registration of security interests (eg mortgage, charge, pledge, encumbrance etc) over the assets of a Cayman Islands exempted company. Updated November 2017.

Exempted limited partnerships in the Cayman Islands

The Exempted Limited Partnership Law governs the formation of exempted limited partnerships in the Cayman Islands. The Partnership Law also contains provisions relevant to the affairs of an ELP, being the main legislation governing partnerships generally.

Voluntary liquidation of a Cayman Islands exempted company

This guide outlines the procedure for a voluntary liquidation of a solvent Cayman Islands exempted company and the duties of its liquidator. It also sets out the process for striking an exempted company off the Register of Companies in the Cayman Islands.

Transfers in and out of the Cayman Islands

This guide looks at the process and benefits of transferring a company, or partnership, in or out of the Cayman Islands. Updated November 2017.

Obtaining Cypriot citizenship by investment

This Guide discusses the scheme for naturalisation (citizenship) of investors in Cyprus.

Taking security over shares in a Cayman Islands company

This Guide discusses the Cayman Islands law requirements when taking security over shares in a Cayman Islands exempted company. Updated December 2017.

Purpose Trusts: an overview

Under most jurisdictions, unless a trust is established for charitable purposes, the assets require to be held for a specific beneficiary or class of beneficiaries. However, it is possible in the BVI to establish a trust for non-charitable purposes.

Succession planning for your BVI company shares

Where the owner of a BVI company dies, his/her interest in shares in a BVI company cannot be validly transmitted to his/her heirs until the appropriate grant (of probate, letters of administration or re-sealing) has been obtained from the BVI court.

BVI Trusts - an overview

This guide provides a brief outline and highlights the key features of trusts in the BVI.

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