New Procedure for Processing Executive Work Permit Applications

The BVI government has introduced a new procedure for processing work permit applications for those persons earning or expected to earn US$100,000 or more per year with the aim of expediting the work permit application process.

The new procedure applies from 3 September 2018 and relates to the following types of work permit applications, provided the applicant meets the qualifying salary:

  • Full time work permit applications
  • Change of employer applications
  • Periodic work permit applications
  • Temporary work permit applications
  • Work permit renewal applications

The new procedure requires the submission of a scanned copy of the application and the required supporting documents by email to All payments should be made by way of cheque delivered to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour.

The anticipated processing times for work permit applications submitted under the new procedure are as follows, which includes completion of the relevant immigration process:

  • Full time, change of employer and periodic work permit applications: 12 business days
  • Work permit renewal applications: 5 business days
  • Temporary work permit applications: 2 business days