The Funds Download: Disrupting the disrupters – The impact of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts in the Investment Funds industry

In the ninth episode of our Funds Download podcast series, our host and the global head of Funds and Regulatory, Philip Graham, is joined by Partner Matt Taber and Associate Marc Piano, to focus on how the FinTech evolution continues to provide a platform for serious innovation in the industry.

Key takeaways:

  • The Tech London Advocates (TLA) recently released the much anticipated “Blockchain: Legal and Regulatory Guidance” which identifies best practices in the DLT, Smart Contracts and Cryptoassets space.
  • The report gives significant and detailed consideration by very senior legal individuals to the legal and regulatory framework that underpins blockchain technology, with recognition and appreciation and understanding of the potential it holds for the future. 
  • We discuss a time when the inherent workings of a fund vehicle could be automated using smart contracts and analyse whether this will make the entire ecosystem more efficient.
  • Smart contract dispute resolution mechanics remains a relatively nascent yet fascinating area of development. Litigators beware.
  • Matt is now out of his attic and enjoying freedom to podcast from any room in his house.

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