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The economic substance podcast

Harneys SOS series delivers hot takes on critical topics around the economic substance legislation. Each bulletin gives the very latest updates on this ever-changing environment, with an aim to provide consistency and certainty for our audience.



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Click on the links below for key takeaways on each topic and to listen:

Season two:

  • Episode one
- BVI economic substance reporting FAQs
  • Episode two
- Key points for directors as economic substance reporting deadlines approach
  • Episode three
- Reporting criteria and tax non-residence claims</a
  • Episode four
- ITA investigations, enforcement powers and new legislative developments

Season one:

  • Episode one
- Timing updates and classification requirements
  • Episode two
- Entity classification
  • Episode three
- Implications of The BOSS (Amendment) No 2 Act, 2019
  • Episode four
- Re-domiciliation
  • Episode five
- Common misunderstandings regarding the ES timetable
  • Episode six
- What should directors be doing now?
  • Episode seven
- Holding Business and Finance and Leasing Business
  • Episode eight
- Substance Solutions in the BVI
  • Episode nine
- Intellectual Property Busines
  • Episode ten
- the Rules
  • Episode eleven
- ITA guidance to BVI industry participants on the practical application of the Rules
  • Episode twelve
- Economic substance legislation and its impact on liquidations
  • Episode thirteen
- What should directors and fiduciary service providers be considering?
  • Episode fourteen
- Timing of compliance and reporting obligations
  • Episode fifteen
- Our final thoughts