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The Funds download

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Introducing The Funds Download Podcast, providing insight and commentary to our clients and friends in the Investment Funds industry. In each episode, we will be mixing in real-time legal updates in the BVI, the Cayman Islands, and Luxembourg, with developing trends in our key markets of the US, LatAm, Europe, and Asia and sprinkling on top some contrasting viewpoints on the pivotal moments in the global economy.



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Click on the links below for key takeaways on each topic and to listen:

  • Episode one
- A view from the Americas
  • Episode two
- A shadow over the global economy
  • Episode three
- The Great Recession - When things go horribly wrong
  • Episode four
- Luxembourg - an Investment Funds giant
  • Episode five
- Boundless opportunities for the Latin America market
  • Episode six
- Accessing the Asia market
  • Episode seven
- Unnecessary red tape or essential global standards? Regulation in the investment industry
  • Episode eight
- The meteoric rise of cryptocurrency
  • Episode nine
- Disrupting the disruptors – The impact of distributed ledger technology and smart contracts in the Investment Funds industry
  • Episode ten
- The seven hottest questions in the crypto space