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Harneys was the first offshore law firm practising in the jurisdictions it advises on to establish a presence in mainland Africa.


With the current challenges and uncertainty facing the world’s leading economies, emerging market economies are increasingly attractive to international investors. In particular, Africa, a region previously often overlooked by international investors for various reasons, is the subject of growing international interest.

Harneys, with its long established focus on the BRICS and other emerging market economies, has established a practice group dedicated to the African continent. The Africa Group comprises experienced lawyers practising all aspects of corporate, finance and funds law in the jurisdictions on which Harneys advises and also includes representatives from Harneys Fiduciary.

The formation of the Africa Group demonstrates Harneys' commitment to Africa and distinguishes it from its peers. Harneys has extensive experience of working on Africa related transactions and this experience continues to grow.

Clients doing business in Africa and engaging the services of our Africa Group can expect:

  • fast, accurate and commercial advice;
  • a team dedicated to Africa with transactional knowledge, a solutions based approach and a strong commitment to doing business on the continent;
  • an established network of professional and business contacts in Africa that is being strengthened continuously, one advantage of this being that we can bridge the needs of clients based in Africa and the international financial centres from which foreign direct investment flows, and do so in a manner, and at a cost, that is highly attractive to both sets of clients;
  • a general awareness of the intricacies and challenges involved in doing business in Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa;
  • access to first rate legal networks able to provide quality local law advice across a wide range of African jurisdictions;
  • a database of knowledge and transactions across many African jurisdictions; and
  • a representative presence in Africa through which we can meet clients face to face on the continent and provide support and advice in real time.

While Harneys does not have a formal office in Africa, we have a representative presence in the region through Patrick Colegrave. Whilst officially part of our London office, Patrick spends much of his time working from southern Africa, and regularly travels across the continent to meet clients and contacts.



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