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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers

Shipping and Aircraft - Importation of yachts into the BVI

​ The primary issues that a person intending to import a yacht into the BVI needs to consider are import duties and satisfaction of any applicable regulatory/licensing requirements. The starting point takes us to the Customs Management and...

Investment Funds - A comparison of Cayman and US funds

In a recent interview with HFM Week, Harneys Partner Ian Gobin compared Cayman and US funds and discusses how Cayman continues to lead the market. The full interview was published in February 2017 in their report, How to start a Hedge Fund in the...

Legal Updates

Developments in law or practice in our jurisdictions

23 February 2017 - Foundation Companies in the Cayman Islands

The Foundation Companies Bill, 2016 (the Bill) seeks to introduce a new type of corporate vehicle in the Cayman Islands, the Foundation Company (the FC). The Bill has been drafted to allow the FC to be rooted in Cayman Islands company law, but...

22 February 2017 - One last chance to take advantage of offshore trusts?

The clock is ticking towards April 2017 when the new rules affecting the status of non-domiciled but UK resident individuals as set out in Finance Bill 2017 will take full force and effect. There are estimated to be around 115,000 non-domiciled...


Reference materials detailing key laws

Private Wealth & Trusts - Purpose Trusts: an overview

Under most jurisdictions, unless a trust is established for charitable purposes, the assets require to be held for a specific beneficiary or class of beneficiaries. However, it is possible in the BVI to establish a trust for non-charitable purposes.

BVI Trusts - Succession planning for your BVI company shares

Where the owner of a BVI company dies, his/her interest in shares in a BVI company cannot be validly transmitted to his/her heirs until the appropriate grant (of probate, letters of administration or re-sealing) has been obtained from the BVI court.

Webinars & Videos

In depth online seminars and short informative videos

Cayman Islands - Dissenting Shareholder Claims in Cayman

Mergers are a favored method of takeover or restructuring in the Cayman Islands, and the jurisdiction's clear and flexible merger framework is increasingly being used to effectively implement high profile takeovers and group restructurings. In this...

Restructuring and Insolvency - Interim Measures in the BVI

In this short video Partner Jeremy Child of Harneys' London office discusses the way the BVI Arbitration Act empowers the BVI Court to grant interim measures in order to protect arbitrations. ...