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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers

Commercial Dispute Resolution: Forum shopping, Chapter 11 protection and just and equitable winding up, with an in-depth look at the Pacific Andes saga

Peter Ferrer reviews forum shopping, Chapter 11 protection and just and equitable winding up, with an in-depth look at the Pacific Andes saga in this article originally published in the Winter 2017 edition of Commercial Dispute Resolution.

BVI Corporate & Commercial - SPAC-tacular Deals Ahead! The top 3 advantages of an offshore SPAC in a global buyers market

An overview of factors that combine to create a global buyer’s market with a BVI vehicle as a spectacular option for a SPAC.

Legal Updates

Developments in law or practice in our jurisdictions

12 December 2017 - Overview of tax information exchange in the British Virgin Islands

The system of tax information exchange in the BVI is largely modelled on international principles developed by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (the OECD). The competent authority responsible for dealing with tax information...

29 November 2017 - Launching an ICO in the British Virgin Islands

Interest in the setting up and distribution of initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the BVI and other offshore locations has mushroomed during 2017; we expect this to continue going forward. We set out below a summary guide of key BVI issues for parties to...


Reference materials detailing key laws

Comparison of Cayman Islands limited liability companies and Delaware limited liability companies

This Guide summarises the Cayman LLC Law and sets out the key similarities and differences between the Cayman LLC and limited liability companies formed in the State of Delaware (Delaware LLC) under the Delaware LLC Law.

Cayman Islands - Cayman Islands Foundation Companies

This Guide sets out the key features of foundation companies and how they are formed and operated.

Webinars & Videos

In depth online seminars and short informative videos

Cayman Islands - Webinar: maximising the benefits of offshore companies in your transactions

Harneys is pleased to present a webinar about the use and benefits of offshore companies in financing transactions. Topics include: Reasons to use an offshore company in financing transactions Key differences between popular offshore...

Cayman Islands - Dissenting Shareholder Claims in Cayman

Mergers are a favored method of takeover or restructuring in the Cayman Islands, and the jurisdiction's clear and flexible merger framework is increasingly being used to effectively implement high profile takeovers and group restructurings. In this...