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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers

Cayman Islands - Applicability of Ancient English Statutes in Common Law Offshore Jurisdictions

This article on Applicability of Ancient English Statutes in Common Law Offshore Jurisdictions examines how such statutes can affect BVI and Cayman law.

Bermuda Litigation & Insolvency - Restructuring and Insolvency in Bermuda: Overview

This Practical Law Q&A gives a high level overview of Bermuda law as it relates to the most common forms of security granted over immovable and movable property; creditors' and shareholders' ranking on a company's insolvency; mechanisms...

Legal Updates

Developments in law or practice in our jurisdictions

08 October 2015 - Cyprus Tax Law: New Non Domiciled Rules and Notional Interest Deduction

This summer brought some very significant amendments to the Cyprus tax laws, further enhancing Cyprus’ favourable tax regime. On 17 July 2015, the following laws were amended: The Special Defense for Contribution law No. 117(I) of 2002 as...

23 September 2015 - US FATCA – Extended Transitional Rules and Model 1 IGA Reporting Deadlines

Notice 2015-66 was issued on 18 September 2015 announcing that the US Treasury Department and IRS intend to amend section 1471-1474 of the regulations. Transitional Rules The transitional rules provided in Notice 2015-66 are intended to allow for...


Reference materials detailing key laws

Intellectual Property - The BVI Trade Marks Act 2013, A Practical Overview

The BVI's new Trade Marks Act takes effect on 1 September 2015, significantly modernising the jurisdiction's trademark laws. Harneys' practical overview of the new legislation provides essential details.

Corporate and Commercial - Directors' Duties Under Cayman Islands Law

This guide examines directors' various duties under Cayman Islands law, including common law duties, statutory duties, and duties under the jurisdiction's insolvency, fraudulent trading, theft, fraud, securities and money laundering laws. Date: S

Webinars & Videos

In depth online seminars and short informative videos

Banking and Finance - Video: Review of Security Registration Requirements in BVI and Cayman

The security registration regimes in BVI and Cayman are straighforward and creditor friendly as explained in this video introduction to the law and practice in each jurisdication by Senior Associate Ellie Crespi-McCarthy.

Investment Funds - Webinar: The BVI Incubator and Approved Funds

The BVI Incubator and Approved Funds are lightly regulated hedge funds, primarily aimed at start-up emerging hedge fund managers and those managing hedge funds for smaller groups of closely connected investors.