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Our Client Approach

Our client approach is defined by 5 key principles: 


Our team is weighted towards capable senior lawyers with proven experience and depth. We believe it is essential to have experienced lawyers who can provide clients with prompt and reliable advice. 


We seek to create the simplest solution to achieve your commercial objectives, to close on time and without complications. We also believe it is important to take the time to understand your business as we build a long-term relationship with you. 


Our drafting style is distinguished by concise jargon-free sentences, clear headings and short paragraphs, free of repetition and redundancies. We believe that documents should be coherent to clients and investors, not just lawyers. 


Our only assumptions in any fee estimate will be a time to completion and a scope of work agreed in advance with you. We believe that the fee estimate we provide should be the fee that you pay. 


When you work with us, you will find that our team is professional, friendly and approachable. Our team-based approach ensures that you will at all times be served by lawyers who are best-skilled to manage your particular project.