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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers

Cyprus - Cyprus chapter: The Mergers & Acquisitions Review, 8th edition

Partner Nancy Erotocritou contributed the Cyprus chapter to the 8th edition of The Mergers & Acquisitions Review.

Cayman Islands - Cayman Islands' Approved Stock Exchange Regime

Head of Compliance Kate Taft examines the Cayman Islands' approved stock exchange regime in this article which appeared in the Q3 edition of Cayman Financial Review.

BVI - Issue of Priority and Statutory Ship Mortgages in the BVI

Harneys Associate Kisha Frett explains the issue of priority and statutory ship mortgages in the British Virgin Islands in this article.

BVI - Investment Funds in the BVI: Regulatory Overview

Harneys Partner Philip Graham produced this overview of BVI investment funds law, which was recently published in Practical...

Trusts - Hastings-Bass and Mistake: Should the BVI follow Jersey's example?

Harneys Associate Will Burnell discusses Jersey's statutory provisions regarding the Hastings-Bass principle, and considers whether the British Virgin Islands should follow suit.

BVI - The BVI Arbitration Act: A Significant Legislative Milestone

Partners Phillip Kite and Colin Riegels, along with Associate Colleen Farrington, outline the key aspects of the BVI's Arbitration Act (2013), which will come into force on 1 October 2014.

Investment Funds - The many benefits of BVI investment funds

Senior Associate Ayana Hull examines the many advantages associated with British Virgin Islands investment funds.

BVI - The IBC Act -- The building of a nation

Harneys partner Colin Riegels tells the story of the development of the BVI's landmark IBC Act of 1984. His father, Harneys founding partner Michael Riegels, was among those who authored it.

BVI - The Effects of a Mandatory Register of Beneficial Ownership in the BVI

In this article, Harneys Senior Associate Hamish Masson examines the potential impact of a mandatory register of beneficial ownership in the BVI.

Cayman Islands - Shariah compliant funds in Cayman

Harneys Partner Sean Scott and Associate Joanna Hossack contributed this article on Shariah compliant funds in Cayman to the 4 June 2014 edition of Islamic Finance News.

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