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Shipping and Aircraft - Importation of yachts into the BVI

​ The primary issues that a person intending to import a yacht into the BVI needs to consider are import duties and satisfaction of any applicable regulatory/licensing requirements. The starting point takes us to the Customs Management and...

Investment Funds - A comparison of Cayman and US funds

In a recent interview with HFM Week, Harneys Partner Ian Gobin compared Cayman and US funds and discusses how Cayman continues to lead the market. The full interview was published in February 2017 in their report, How to start a Hedge Fund in the...

Restructuring and Insolvency - Judges lead the way on cross-border insolvency initiatives

The last decade has exposed the bankruptcy courts across the globe to a large volume of international work, and with that experience in mind, the Judicial Insolvency Network (JIN) held its inaugural meeting in Singapore in late 2016, as outlined in...

Restructuring and Insolvency - 2016 in review: The rise of Cayman Islands share valuation disputes and professional dissenting shareholders

During 2016, shareholders in Cayman Islands companies often availed themselves of the Court procedure for determining the fair value of their shares. That trend is likely to continue into 2017. A substantial driver of this has been the perceived...

BVI Banking & Finance - Sell-side risk in the BVI

In an era of increasing complexity in regulation globally, the BVI has carefully built a simple and clear regulatory framework that minimises the legal risk for lenders and financial markets participants dealing with BVI companies. Legal The...

BVI Banking & Finance - Notes from smaller islands: 2016 BVI review and 2017 outlook

2016 was the year of Donald Trump, Brexit and extensive overtime for celebrity obituary writers. The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season was equally active: the most expensive since 2012 and the deadliest since 2005. The BVI missed out on most of the...

Tax and Regulatory - BRRD - The Cyprus position

In early 2013 the Cyprus banking sector was in severe difficulties. As a result of the disproportionately large banking sector, Cyprus was facing a major economic crisis. Laiki bank, the second largest bank in Cyprus, was on the verge of bankruptcy...

BVI - More questions of standing of beneficial shareholders

In a recent decision in the case of TIPP Investments PCC v. Chagala Group Ltd. et al (BVIHCM 102/2016), Mr Justice Davis-White clarified the issue of the standing of beneficial shareholders that we highlighted in our previous article. As we had said...

Banking and Finance - BVI company names: Most notable features

Many people may not be aware of the multiple features and options concerning the names of BVI companies. In this article, Michelle Frett-Mathavious describes some of the most interesting features.

Private Wealth & Trusts - Private wealth structuring in the BVI

The rise in the number of global HNWIs has seen an increase in demand for lifestyle assets such as yachts, art work, prime real estate and private jets. The BVI’s sophisticated company and trust legislation provides an ideal framework for...

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