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BVI - New BVI funds products look promising for South Africa

The BVI's new funds products are expected to provide an efficient, cost-effective option for South African fund managers. Harneys Partner Patrick Colegrave outlines the advantages in this June 2015 article published in Hedge News Africa.

BVI - BVI and Cayman Insolvency Law: A Comparison

BVI and Cayman Insolvency Law: A Comparison appeared in the May/June 2015 edition of CDR. It was authored by Harneys Partners Colin Riegels, Ian Mann and Marc Kish.

Cayman Islands - Appointing an inspector: A viable alternative to liquidation in the Cayman Islands?

This article reviews the different circumstances under which it might be appropriate for a shareholder to apply for the appointment of an inspector (or joint inspectors) and how to make such an application.

Cayman Islands - Cayman law: Formation of private equity and venture capital funds

This article outlines Cayman Islands law regarding the formation of private equity and venture capital funds. It originally appeared in China Business Law Journal.

BVI - Shareholder disputes: When is just and equitable liquidation appropriate?

This article titled Shareholder disputes: When is just and equitable liquidation appropriate? was written by BVI Partner Andrew Thorp and Senior Associate Claire Goldstein.

Asia - Schemes: Recognition or parallel schemes of arrangement

This article from Harneys Hong Kong discusses the circumstances in which an offshore debtor may consider to implement a parallel scheme of arrangement in its jurisdiction of incorporation and in the jurisdiction concerning its debt obligations.

BVI - Asset Tracing in the BVI

Partners Ian Mann and Andrew Thorp outline the tools available to a party in the BVI to seek to recover property, or proceeds of property, which have been misappropriated.

Litigation - Arbitrability of intra-company disputes -- an offshore perspective

Partner Ian Mann and Associate Jennifer Maughan present an offshore perspective on the arbitrability of intra-company disputes in this article.

Cyprus - Cyprus law: Amendments introduce examinership

Harneys' Cyprus Managing Partner Demetris Loizides explains recent amendments to Cypriot legislation which introduce examinership, in this article.

BVI - Introducing the new BVI Incubator Fund and Approved Fund

Harneys Partner Philip Graham outlines the BVI's new fund products, the Incubator Fund and Approved Fund, in this reprint from HFM Week, 11-17 June 2015.

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