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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Claire Goldstein

Litigation - BVI Costs Clarity: Court finds foreign lawyers' costs 'generally recoverable'

The BVI Commercial Court has today handed down new guidance which clarifies its position on the recoverability of foreign lawyers’ costs and underlines the Court’s clear intent to accommodate and provide practical solutions for international...

Distressed Funds - Fairfield Sentry - New Guidance from the BVI Court

After the decision of the Privy Council in April 2014, the long running Fairfield Sentry case continued today with the new judgment of Leon J. concerning the status of the related US Bankruptcy Court proceedings. Background Fairfield Sentry and...

BVI - Shareholder disputes: When is just and equitable liquidation appropriate?

This article titled Shareholder disputes: When is just and equitable liquidation appropriate? was written by BVI Partner Andrew Thorp and Senior Associate Claire Goldstein.

BVI - Power to Assist Foreign Insolvency Proceedings in the British Virgin Islands

The volume of asset holding structures in the BVI often draws the attention of foreign insolvency and bankruptcy professionals. To what extent will they enjoy recognition in the BVI and in what circumstances?

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