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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Marisa Efstathiou

Luxembourg and Cyprus: the anatomy of a double-tax treaty

Partner Emily Yiolitis and associate Marisa Efstathiou of the international law firm of Harneys burrow into the details or the Luxembourg and Cyprus first double-tax treaty. This content is published in the November 2017 issue of Offshore Red.

Tax and Regulatory - Cyprus signs Double Tax Treaty with Barbados

Currently pending ratification, the treaty between Cyprus and Barbados (the Treaty) was signed on the 3 May 2017 by Mr Euripides L Evriviades, the High Commissioner of Cyprus in the United Kingdom, and by Mr Guy Hewitt, the High Commissioner of...

Tax and Regulatory - Cyprus signs double tax treaty with Luxembourg

After ten years of negotiations Luxembourg and Cyprus signed their first Double Tax Treaty (the Treaty) on 8 May 2017. The Treaty is pending ratification by both contracting states. Should it be ratified by both parties before the end of 2017, the Treaty...

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