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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Michelle Frett-Mathavious

Banking and Finance - BVI company names: Most notable features

Many people may not be aware of the multiple features and options concerning the names of BVI companies. In this article, Michelle Frett-Mathavious describes some of the most interesting features.

Corporate and Commercial - Five questions lenders should ask before contracting with BVI counterparties

Lenders of BVI contracting parties are most often concerned with whether the Company they are contracting with has the capacity to enter into the transaction. However, there are a number of other questions which a prudent lender needs to ask, and...

BVI Banking & Finance - What Lenders and Borrowers Need to Know: A Snapshot of Changes to BVI Law in 2015

The British Virgin Islands' (the BVI) reputation as the leading offshore jurisdiction is well earned and it is dedicated to maintaining its status as a jurisdiction which is creditor friendly and commercially flexible. The developments of 2015 are...

Banking and Finance - Private Banking -- A Shifting Landscape

Senior Associate Michelle Frett-Mathavious discusses how private banking has adapted in accordance with global changes that include increasing numbers of High Net Worth Individuals in the Asia-Pacific region.

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