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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Patrick Colegrave

Investment Funds - Structuring an ICO through the Cayman Islands

​I want to launch an ICO – Help! It seems that 2017 will go down as the year of the ICO. Whilst still not mainstream, the pool of people in the financial services sector who have never heard of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, the blockchain or an...

Investment Funds - The case for offshore: What is the driving force behind structuring through offshore structures, and how does this benefit Africa?

Quite unexpectedly, the Panama Papers was raised at a recent society event I attended in Zimbabwe, and while the popular press has permeated even to the most unexpected areas – often without an accurate consideration of the facts – it...

Investment Funds - Doing Business in Africa: the Benefits of Offshore

Harneys has for many years worked together with many of the leading law firms in Africa as well as law firms outside of Africa advising on Africa focused transactions. This relationship is symbiotic, with Harneys advising on the offshore aspects...

BVI Litigation & Insolvency - BVI: Arbitration Agreements and Insolvency Proceedings

This article by Harneys was first published in the INSOL International Electronic Newsletter, January 2016.

BVI - New BVI funds products look promising for South Africa

The BVI's new funds products are expected to provide an efficient, cost-effective option for South African fund managers. Harneys Partner Patrick Colegrave outlines the advantages in this June 2015 article published in Hedge News Africa.

Investment Funds - HedgeNews Africa article

Harneys counsel Patrick Colegrave talks with HedgeNews Africa about the offshore landscape for South African hedge fund managers. From the August 2013 edition, reprinted with kind permission from HedgeNews...

Investment Funds - Cayman adapting to change

Cayman is adapting to change so as to remain the jurisdiction of choice for the alternative investment industry (reprinted with permission from HFM Week)

Africa - Spotlight on Africa: A look at Harneys in Africa

One year following the establishment of the firm's Africa group, Africa Practice Head Patrick Colegrave reflects on the state of the market, recent transacations, and what Harneys is able to offer clients in, or doing business in, the region.

Cayman Islands - Guide to Setting Up Alternative Investment Funds - Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is a leading jurisdiction for the formation of alternative investment funds. In the Cayman chapter of the 2012 Hedgeweek Guide to Setting Up Alternative Investment Funds Marco Martins and Patrick Colegrave provide an overview of the mut

Latin America - Emerging Markets: The Growing Appetite for Offshore Funds

In this analysis first published in the 2011/2012 PLC Global Investment Funds Multi-Jurisdictional Guide, Marco Martins, Patrick Colegrave and Mona Nainie examine the increasing popularity of BVI and Cayman investment vehicles in emerging markets.

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