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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers
by Sheila George

BVI Trusts - BVI exempts certain categories of people from work permit requirements

The BVI Government has enacted a measure which exempts various categories of people from the need to obtain work permits. In particular the exemption for directors visiting the BVI for board meetings is significant in supporting the BVI’s...

BVI Trusts - BVI enacts legislation to change work permit fee calculation

The BVI Government has enacted a measure regarding the fees payable for work permits in the Territory. The Statutory Rates, Fees and Charges (Amendment of Schedule) (No 2) Order 2017 amends part 45 of the Schedule to the Statutory Rates, Fees...

BVI - BVI enacts minimum compulsory retirement age

The Government of the British Virgin Islands has recently enacted legislation setting a minimum compulsory retirement age for employment law purposes, subject to certain exceptions. This is the first such measure in the Territory’s history. The...

Shipping and Aircraft - Importation of yachts into the BVI

​ The primary issues that a person intending to import a yacht into the BVI needs to consider are import duties and satisfaction of any applicable regulatory/licensing requirements. The starting point takes us to the Customs Management and...

BVI Domestic Business - BVI Government increases taxes on hotel accommodation, tobacco and alcohol

The Government of the British Virgin Islands has recently enacted two revenue-increasing measures. One raises the tax on alcohol and tobacco, and the other on hotel accommodation. Firstly, the Customs Management and Duties (Amendment of Schedule 4...

BVI - BVI Government publishes Bills to increase hotel tax, set minimum compulsory retirement age

The Government of the British Virgin Islands has recently published two Bills (the Bills) which were read in the House of Assembly last month. One seeks to set a compulsory retirement age for workers in the Territory, while the other seeks to increase...

Property and Real Estate - Increased supervision of BVI Real Estate Agents by the FIA

The BVI Financial Investigation Agency (FIA) is presently reviewing the compliance arrangements of real estate agents throughout the jurisdiction to ensure they meet the requirements of the British Virgin Islands’ (BVI) anti-money laundering (AML...

BVI - Key Features of the BVI's New Labour Code

After over a decade, the British Virgin Islands has enacted the Labour Code, 2010 (the “New Labour Code”) which is to come into force on a date to be set by proclamation of the Governor. When the New Labour Code comes into effect it will becom

BVI - Guide to Payroll Taxes in the BVI

This guide describes the law relating to Payroll Tax in the British Virgin Islands and describes the obligations of companies operating in the BVI to pay this tax. The guide discusses the scope of the tax, rate of tax and administration of tax.   P

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