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Legal analysis by Harneys lawyers

BVI - Vox Pop - What it takes to be an offshore lawyer

The Lawyer asked HR and development heads from major offshore law firms what it takes to be an offshore lawyer. Harneys' Peter Tarn gave them some answers. Publication: The Lawyer Publication date: 5 May 2009 Contributor: Peter Tarn File size:

Banking and Finance - Insolvency Laws Tested

Colin Riegels discusses how well the BVI's insolvency regime has withstood the unprecedented economic conditions of 2008 and the first three months of 2009. Publication: IFLR (International Briefing) Publication Date: 1 April 2009 Pages: 1 Fil

Restructuring and Insolvency - Analysis: Madoff hedge fund fallout

The Bernard Madoff scandal appears to be on a scale rarely seen in modern times. While it comes from the very heart of Wall Street, this fraud has huge repercussions outside the US. Harneys litigation head Phil Kite looks at the potential fall out

Corporate and Commercial - An AIM Offshore Refocus

A sidebar about the impact of the global financial crisis on AIM and the offshore holding companies often used in AIM listings. Leonard Birmingham discusses the type of legal advice clients are now seeking from offshore law firms like Harneys. Pub

Investment Funds - Setting up a Hedge Fund - The Brave New World for Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds Review examines the trends in hedge fund formation in light of the economic downturn and credit crunch. Harney's Ross Munro is interviewed. Publication: Hedge Funds Review Publication date: 1 March 2009 Contributor: Ross Mu

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