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Reference materials detailing key laws

Tax and Regulatory - The BVI and Investment Funds

This comprehensive overview of investment funds legislation in the BVI reflects new provisions which came on stream following the passage of the BVI's Securities and Investment Business Act in 2010 and the Approved Managers Regime approved in 2012.

Investment Funds - Guide to the BVI's Approved Manager Regime for Fund Managers

This guide provides an overview of the British Virgin Islands' Approved Manager regime which came into effect on 10 December 2012 and was amended on 2 January 2014.

Corporate and Commercial - Guide to Cayman Companies

This guide discusses the law surrounding companies in the Cayman Islands and includes information about types of companies, administrative requirements, shares and fees.

BVI - Succession Planning for Your Shares in a BVI Company

This guide explores the various options available to owners of shares in a BVI company to plan for succession in the event of their death or incapacity.

Trusts - BVI Trusts: VISTA Trusts

VISTA allows a shareholder to establish a BVI trust over a BVI company which disengages the trustee from administrative and managerial responsibility in relation to that BVI company. Last updated May 2013.

Trusts - BVI Trusts: Private Trust Companies

This guide outlines the key features of a Private Trust Company in the BVI and identifies the requirements to set up a PTC and its uses. Last updated May 2013.

Trusts - BVI Trusts: An Overview

This guide provides a brief outline and highlights the key features of trusts in the BVI. Last updated May 2013.

Corporate and Commercial - Shares and Distributions under the BVI Business Companies Act

This guide describes provisions of the BVI Business Companies Act as they relate to shares and distributions.  (Please note that provisions regarding bearer shares are dealt with in the specific Guide to Bearer Shares under the BVI Business Companies

Cyprus Banking Group - Guides to new banking laws in Cyprus

The latest guide from Harneys Cyprus, dated 9 May 2013, explains Relaxation of Restrictive Measures for Branches and Subsidiaries of Foreign Banks (Decree No 2). This decree is valid for seven days from 9 May. This guide and the following earlier...

Corporate and Commercial - Incorporation, Corporate Constitution, Corporate Capacity and Internal Management under the BVI Business Companies Act

This guide describes provisions of the BVI Business Companies Act as they relate to incorporation, corporate constitution, corporate capacity and internal management. Topics covered include the procedure for incorporation, provisions relating the Memorand

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