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Reference materials detailing key laws

Cyprus - Registration of Cyprus Ships

Cyprus Associate Demetris Nicolaou outlines ship registration in Cyprus, which is the largest third party ship management centre in the EU.

FATCA - A Consolidation of the BVI Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act, 2003

This guide presents a consolidation of the British Virgin Islands Mutual Legal Assistance (Tax Matters) Act, 2003.

Cyprus - Guide to the Russian Deoffshorization Law

Federal Law No 376-FZ was signed by President Putin on 24 November 2014. The Law introduces significant changes to the rules governing the reporting and taxation of participation interests by Russian tax residents in controlled foreign companies.

BVI - I am a Director of a BVI Company: Now what?

In this guide, Harneys Services General Counsel Jason Jagessar examines key rules of directorships of BVI Companies.

FATCA - Record Keeping Obligations for BVI Companies, Partnerships, Trusts and Other Organisations

This Harneys guide incorporates the latest updates regarding record keeping obligations for BVI companies, partnerships, trusts and other organisations.

Shipping and Aircraft - Registration of Vessels in the BVI

This detailed guide outlines the procedures for registration of vessels in the British Virgin Islands.

BVI - Buyer Beware: How to Ensure the Valid Issuance of BVI Company Shares

In this detailed guide, Partner Jacqueline Daley-Aspinall describes how to make sure that your BVI Company shares are valid.

Corporate and Commercial - Using BVI Companies for International Listings

Partner Rachel Graham examines legislation regarding using BVI Companies for international listings in this guide.

Tax and Regulatory - The Impact of FATCA on BVI Funds

Harneys Partners Ross Munro, Jonathan Culshaw and Philip Graham have prepared this guide to FATCA's impact on BVI funds.

BVI - Creating and registering security interests over assets in a BVI Business Company

Harneys Services' General Counsel Jason Jagessar outlines how to create and register security interests over assets in a BVI Business Company.

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