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Reference materials detailing key laws

Corporate and Commercial - Guide to Cayman Islands Exempted Companies

This guide discusses the law surrounding companies in the Cayman Islands and includes information about types of companies, administrative requirements, shares and fees.

Corporate and Commercial - Directors' Duties Under Cayman Islands Law

This guide examines directors' various duties under Cayman Islands law, including common law duties, statutory duties, and duties under the jurisdiction's insolvency, fraudulent trading, theft, fraud, securities and money laundering laws. Date: S

FATCA - Record Keeping Obligations for BVI Companies, Partnerships, Trusts and Other Organisations

This Harneys guide incorporates the latest updates regarding record keeping obligations for BVI companies, partnerships, trusts and other organisations.

Africa - Mauritius Insolvency Law in 60 Seconds

Harneys offers Mauritius legal services through an association with BLC Chambers, which has produced this guide titled Mauritius Insolvency Law in 60 Seconds.

Cayman Investment Funds - Cayman Financial Account Reporting -- Preparing for the CRS

This guide lists the necessary steps in preparing for the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) on automatic exchange of information in relation to Cayman funds.

Bermuda - Bermuda Insolvency Law in 60 Seconds

Harneys' essential, quick guide to Bermuda insolvency law.

Intellectual Property - The BVI Trade Marks Act 2013, A Practical Overview

The BVI's new Trade Marks Act takes effect on 1 September 2015, significantly modernising the jurisdiction's trademark laws. Harneys' practical overview of the new legislation provides essential details.

BVI - Potential Changes to Creditors’ Rights in the BVI – Administration Orders

The BVI is considering proposals to bring into force provisions which permit the making of administration orders in relation to BVI companies. This guide examines the proposals and their potential impact.

Investment Funds - Guide to the BVI's Approved Manager Regime for Fund Managers

This guide provides an overview of the British Virgin Islands' Approved Manager regime which came into effect on 10 December 2012 and was amended on 2 January 2014.

Cyprus - Registration of Cyprus Ships

Cyprus Associate Demetris Nicolaou outlines ship registration in Cyprus, which is the largest third party ship management centre in the EU.

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