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Reference materials detailing key laws

Guide to Cayman Islands Exempted Companies

This guide discusses the law surrounding companies in the Cayman Islands and includes information about types of companies, administrative requirements, shares and fees. Updated February 2018.

Segregated portfolio companies in the Cayman Islands

This guide discusses general issues regarding segregated portfolio companies (SPCs), uses of SPCs, receivership and liquidation of SPCs. Updated February 2018.

Directors' Duties Under Cayman Islands Law

This guide examines directors' duties under Cayman Islands law, including common law duties, statutory duties, and duties under the jurisdiction's insolvency, fraudulent trading, theft, fraud, securities and money laundering laws. Updated February 2018.

Guide to investment funds in the Cayman Islands

Investment fund vehicles established in Cayman continue to be extremely popular amongst investment managers and investors alike. The Cayman Islands has established a dominant position in the field of offshore investment funds. Updated February 2018.

Guide to Cayman Islands mergers and consolidations

This guide looks at the Cayman Islands statutory merger regime as set out in the Companies Law and the Limited Liability Companies Law. Updated February 2018.

Limited Liability Companies in the Cayman Islands

This Guide sets out the key features of LLCs and how they can be formed. Updated February 2018.

Guide to the Securities Investment Business Law

The SIB Law regulates the conduct of certain securities investment activities. Updated February 2018

Obtaining a Mutual Fund Administration Licence in the Cayman Islands

This guide sets out the requirements for a Cayman Islands company to apply to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority for a Mutual Fund Administrator license under the Mutual Funds Law. Updated February 2018.

Rights of third parties in the Cayman Islands

The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Law gives third parties the ability to enforce contractual rights expressly granted to them in Cayman Islands law governed contracts to which they are not a party, subject to certain exceptions. Update February 2018

Guide to registering security interests created by Cayman Islands exempted companies

This guide discusses the Cayman Islands Companies Law requirements relating to the registration of security interests (eg mortgage, charge, pledge, encumbrance etc) over the assets of a Cayman Islands exempted company. Updated February 2018.

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