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Reference materials detailing key laws

Cyprus and the Special Contribution for the Defence Law

This article discusses the Special Contribution for the Defence Law in the context of Cyprus' 2002 income tax legislation and provides analysis of recent case law on the issue. Date: 2010 Pages: 4 File size: 92 kbicle discusses the Spe

Key Features of the BVI's New Labour Code

After over a decade, the British Virgin Islands has enacted the Labour Code, 2010 (the “New Labour Code”) which is to come into force on a date to be set by proclamation of the Governor. When the New Labour Code comes into effect it will becom

De-registering security interests in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands law has a relatively straightforward system for registering security interests created by companies incorporated in the jurisdiction.

Introduction to Restricted Purpose Companies

A Restricted Purpose Company or RPC is a highly specialised corporate vehicle permitted under the BVI Business Companies Act 2004. In this guide, Banking and Finance partner Colin Riegels provides an introduction to RPCs.

Appointing a receiver over assets of a BVI company - Questions & Answers

This Q&A guide deals with the appointment of a receiver over assets of the BVI company, including restrictions on the appointment of a receiver, requirements, filings and special circumstances. Date: May 2010 Pages: 3 File size:&nb

BVI Securities and Investment Business Act finally enacted

The BVI's new Securities and Investment Business Act was enacted on 23 April 2010 and is scehduled to come into force on 17 May. This guide provides an introduction to the new legislation and also outlines its provisions and key elements. Date: Ma

A brief introduction to SIBA: the law governing BVI mutual funds

The enactment of the Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA)  established a new regulatory framework in the British Virgin Islands. This mutual funds guide examines how SIBA works and what changes the new legislation brought about.

Investment business in the BVI under SIBA

The conduct of investment business in the British Virgin Islands will be affected by the newly enacted Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA) through the new licensing regime it establishes.

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