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Reference materials detailing key laws

Guides to new banking laws in Cyprus

The latest guide from Harneys Cyprus, dated 9 May 2013, explains Relaxation of Restrictive Measures for Branches and Subsidiaries of Foreign Banks (Decree No 2). This decree is valid for seven days from 9 May. This guide and the following earlier...

Incorporation, Corporate Constitution, Corporate Capacity and Internal Management under the BVI Business Companies Act

This guide describes provisions of the BVI Business Companies Act as they relate to incorporation, corporate constitution, corporate capacity and internal management.

BVI Trusts: VISTA Trusts

The Virgin Islands Special Trusts Act (“VISTA”) came into force on 1 March 2004 and was introduced in order to allow a shareholder to establish a BVI trust over a BVI company which disengages the trustee from administrative and managerial resp

Cayman Trusts - An Overview

This guide provides a brief outline, and highlights the key features of trusts in the Cayman Islands.

Global Guide to Directors' and Officers' Issues 2013

The Global Guide to Directors' and Officers' Issues Around the World 2013 has been published. Contributors to the BVI section include Harneys' Kissock Laing, Aki Corsoni-Husain and Mizra Manraj.

BVI & Cayman Investment Funds Comparison Overview

This table provides a basic comparison of key features of BVI and Cayman investment funds in areas including legal structures, types of funds available and regulatory issues. Updated February 2013.

Guide to the BVI's Non Profit Organisation Act 2012

The Non-Profit Organisations Act was passed in the British Virgin Islands in 2012 and came into force on 1 January 2013. The law introduces a number of new requirements for non-profit organisations operating in the BVI.

Freedom of Establishment of Credit Institutions in Cyprus

As a well-established financial services centre and a member of the EU since 2008, Cyprus is one of the best environments in Europe for the provision of banking services. This guide looks at the process of setting up a credit institution in Cyprus.

Dispositions of Assets by a BVI Company

This guide looks at the disposition of assets by a BVI company under section 175 of the BVI Business Companies Act.

Registering Security Interests Created by BVI Companies

This concise guide discusses the BVI Business Companies Act as it relates to the registration of security interests in a BVI Business Company.

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