Harneys' Ideas, Innovations, and Investments conference series: Practical hints and tips for the emerging manager

Incubator funds and approved fund structures are incredibly popular fund vehicles for emerging managers. Both structures allow emerging managers to get started and develop a track record in a cost-effective and flexible format.

This has resulted in the BVI often being described as the home of the emerging manager, which has meant that practitioners in the BVI have a huge amount of experience in getting managers off the ground.

In this second video of the series, Philip Graham, Global Head of Investment Funds and Regulatory at Harneys and also one of the chief architects of the incubator fund and approved fund structures, is joined by Walter Reich, Director at Tovel Group; and Christian Thompson, Principal and CIO at Brook Bay Capital to discuss:

  • Which structures to consider
  • What investors will expect you to have answers for
  • How to practically go from a conceptual dream to a launch in six weeks
  • Pitfalls that emerging managers so often fall into
  • Capital raising and building a track record
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people

This discussion formed part of our inaugural Ideas, Innovations, and Investments virtual conference.