Practically Speaking: Episode five - Private Investment Funds

Our podcast series Practically Speaking was launched to provide our listeners with practical advice and insights on issues applicable to stakeholders of BVI entities. Listen below.

In our fifth episode, Director of Client Services Amy Roost and Global Head of Investment Funds, Philip Graham discuss the following:

  • Private Investment Funds (PIFs), what they are, and why they were introduced
  • the various ways in which you can determine whether this new regime affects your BVI entity
  • the need for PIFs to apply to be recognised by the Financial Services Commission in the BVI on or before the 30 June 2020 deadline
  • the application process

Read more about PIFs in our initial post published back in January 2020.

To schedule an immediate formal assessment of your BVI vehicle and to discuss the exemptions that are available please contact our legal team by clicking here.


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