The Funds Download: Episode four - Luxembourg - an Investment Funds giant

In the fourth episode of our Funds Download podcast series, our host and the Global Head of Funds and Regulatory, Philip Graham, is joined by the Head of our Luxembourg Investment Funds team, Vanessa Molloy, to take a closer look at the reasons why Luxembourg is such a successful investment funds jurisdiction, and the main factors to consider if you are thinking of establishing a Luxembourg structure.

Key takeaways

  • Luxembourg is an incredibly successful investment funds jurisdiction, with a premier reputation and approximately 4,700 Billion Euros under management
  • It is the natural choice for those wishing to access the EU market
  • CSSF is a pragmatic and approachable regulator and the jurisdiction in general is extremely commercial
  • The traditional home of UCITS but also a significant player in the Alternative Funds market
  • AIFMs and RAIFs, amongst other acronyms

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