The Funds Download: Episode one - A view from the Americas

Introducing The Funds Download, our newest podcast series, which aims to provide insight and commentary to our clients and friends in the Investment Funds industry.

In each episode, we will be mixing in real-time legal updates in the BVI, Cayman Islands and Luxembourg, with developing trends in our key markets of the US, LatAm, Europe and Asia and sprinkling on top some contrasting viewpoints on the pivotal moments in the global economy.

Episode one: A view from the Americas

In our first episode, Global Head of Investment Funds, Philip Graham, and Co-Head of the Cayman Islands practice, Matt Taber, examine Q1 2020 and make projections of the emerging issues as we step into Q2.

Key takeaways

  • “Business as usual” in January and February
  • Regulatory changes including the new private fund regimes
  • Blacklists, volatility and distressed funds in March
  • A loft is as good a place as any to record a podcast

In episode two, we will be joined by the Global Head of Dispute Resolution, Phillip Kite and the Head of our Dispute Resolution practice in the Cayman Islands, Nick Hoffman, to discuss lessons we all learnt in the last crisis back in 08/09.

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