The Funds Download: The meteoric rise of Cryptocurrency

In the eighth episode of our Funds Download podcast series, our host and the global head of Funds and Regulatory, Philip Graham, is joined by Partner Lewis Chong and Associate Marc Piano, to discuss the hot topic of Cryptocurrency; how it has evolved, its recent resurgence and the essential role offshore jurisdictions play in supporting this dynamic industry.

With this topic being such a popular and highly requested one, we had no choice but to make this a feature-length episode and we do hope you’ll take the time to listen in.

Part two will follow-on soon with some cutting edge regulatory updates – stay tuned.

Key takeaways:

  • The origination of blockchain, digital assets and crypto-currency work at Harneys that took us to be the offshore leaders in this space
  • A close look at how the ecosystem blossomed and why jurisdictions such as the BVI and the Cayman Islands were very logical domiciles to embrace and support the ascent
  • The dazzling rise (and fall) of ICOs
  • Crypto winter and a maturing of the digital assets market in 2020

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