Harneys launches Offshore Litigation Blog

Harneys is pleased to announce the debut of its second blog, the Offshore Litigation Blog, which has been created by Harneys to share news and views about litigation, dispute resolution, restructuring and insolvency offshore. It is available at www.harneysoffshorelitigation.com

The Offshore Litigation Blog features commentary about case updates and developments in key offshore jurisdictions and unique insights not available anywhere else. With contributions from members of the judiciary, court staff, insolvency practitioners, and Harneys bloggers, the Offshore Litigation Blog is a go-to source for clients, onshore lawyers, governments and other parties interested in litigation in the BVI, Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and elsewhere.

The Offshore Litigation Blog follows the success of Harneys’ Offshore Funds Blog which was created in 2015 to demystify offshore investment funds – how they work and why investment managers use them – through a mix of market and industry commentary, and continues to grow.

Ian Mann, Harneys’ Asia Head of Offshore Litigation and Restructuring, commented: “The Offshore Litigation Blog is something we have been thinking about for a while, following the success of our Offshore Funds Blog. At Harneys, we pride ourselves on being friendly, unpretentious and easy to do business with. Our blogs are one of many ways that we connect with our clients to share insights about case law. They allow us to candidly engage with readers to build an understanding of what goes on offshore – and we invite all industry participants to join the conversation.” 

Harneys has one of the strongest litigation practices offshore, fielding teams in key offshore centres as well as Asia, where the firm has the largest offshore litigation practice, and London.

Globally, Harneys provides legal and fiduciary services from offices in 12 locations and continues to grow. The firm was named The Lawyer's 2016 Offshore Law Firm of the Year for commercial strength, jurisdictional leadership and market-leading strategy."