Harneys leads post-Irma clean-up effort at Francis Lettsome Primary School

On Wednesday 1 November, Harneys staff and members of the community joined forces to help Francis Lettsome Primary School (FLPS) prepare to welcome back students after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

Over 60 people, including 30 from Harneys, spent the day removing debris, cleaning classrooms and restoring desks damaged by the storms. Harneys volunteers were joined by others from Team Rubicon, the FLPS Parent Teacher Association and the East End-Long Look community.

BVI Managing Partner Colin Riegels, who was part of the Harneys work crew, said: “Getting the BVI’s educational infrastructure up and running and ensuring our children return to a constructive and safe learning environment is a crucial part of restoring the Territory to normality. I am pleased that Harneys was able to play a part in helping FLPS prepare for the reopening of school, and I am grateful for the strong support the effort received from the wider community. Together we were able to make a meaningful impact.”

An estimated 213 students are expected to return to FLPS when school reopens next week. The school, which survived the storms without major structural damage, was used as a community shelter until just a few weeks ago.

In addition to spearheading Wednesday’s clean-up, Harneys donated US$10,000 to the Ministry of Education’s Adopt-A-School initiative for post-hurricane rehabilitation of FLPS. The donation is part of the over US$200,000 the firm has committed to BVI relief and civic projects in the wake of the devastation inflicted by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. 

Harneys has been FLPS’s corporate sponsor for over 10 years, during which time the firm has made improvements to the school facilities, purchased playground equipment, sponsored enrichment activities, hosted and volunteered at school events, and purchased over 3,000 books for the school library. In 2013 the firm partnered with the Ministry of Education to open a computer lab and introduce computer and Spanish classes.