Harneys Offshore Funds Blog sheds new light on funds industry

Harneys is pleased to report the success of The Offshore Funds Blog, which has been created by Harneys to demystify offshore investment funds. The blog explains how offshore funds work and why investment managers use them. It is available at The Offshore Funds Blog and on Harneys’ website.

Featuring a mix of market and industry commentary, the blog provides candid insight on the latest Cayman and BVI offshore fund news in an easy-to-read style. Bloggers discuss trends in offshore funds, issues affecting the funds industry, and how managers can maximise fund structures. Other content includes updates on what Harneys is up to in the market and contributions from guest bloggers. There is also a dedicated ‘Funds 101’ section with key ‘need-to-know’ information for emerging managers.

The blog continues to grow, and appeals to a broad audience. Readers include onshore lawyers, clients, investment managers considering new fund launches, seasoned managers, service providers, media, governments, and others who are simply reading for general interest. 

Cayman’s dominance of the offshore investment funds industry remains strong, and the blog’s authors provide an increased level of transparency around the industry. The Harneys funds lawyers who contribute have all practiced in either the BVI or Cayman, and have a combined 70 years’ experience advising on all aspects of investment fund vehicles.

The BVI has an established reputation as a sophisticated hedge funds jurisdiction, and has recently introduced several flexible, cost effective fund solutions. These new structures are attracting emerging manager start-ups, who are using incubator funds to invest in sophisticated options, such as the recent ISDX listing by Coinsilium, the world’s first blockchain investment company to be admitted to trading on a regulated exchange.

“Before we started the blog, we noticed that there isn’t really a place where people can go for this type of information, said BVI Partner Philip Graham. “The blog provides a forum where we can bring information to readers in an easy-to-digest format,” he continued. 

“Readers can tell us what challenges they are facing – what they’d like to hear about and we do our best to address these in future blog posts. We encourage readers to get in touch and join the conversation. Over the past six months, the blog has been growing organically, and includes a good amount of information,” Philip added.

“Harneys continues to explore new ways of reaching people – both through our international offices and through virtual platforms,” said Harneys Chairman Peter Tarn. “The Offshore Funds Blog is a way for us to extend our message and engage with industry concerns, while increasing the level of transparency around offshore investing. Understanding what keeps our clients awake at night and dispelling legacy misconceptions around offshore both matter to us - and neither has to be done in a stuffy way,” he added. 

The team will be adding content regularly, and interested parties are encouraged to connect using the comments section or by subscribing to the blog. Readers can also suggest future blog topics or seek legal advice by emailing fundsblog@harneys.com.

Harneys has the largest funds practice in the BVI and the fastest growing Cayman global funds practice. The firm continues to make strides in its offshore jurisdictions, and recently opened offices in Bermuda, Shanghai and Tokyo. Harneys also hired 31 lawyers across its offices in 2015, and expects to announce further hires in the coming weeks and months.