Practically Speaking 

Advice and insights for BVI entities 

Practically Speaking

The advice and insight podcast

Transactional Partner Rachel Graham and Director of Client Services Amy Roost, host our Practically Speaking podcast. This series was launched to provide our listeners with practical advice and insights on issues applicable to stakeholders of BVI entities. We hope that the series will be of interest to directors, shareholders, trustees, corporate service providers, and others concerned with BVI entities.



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Click on the links below for key takeaways on each topic and to listen:

Season two:

  • Episode one
- I’m a BVI director, what now?
  • Episode two
- The ins and outs of corporate governance
  • Episode three
- I'm a shareholder, now what?
  • Episode four

The role of a chargee in a BVI company

Season one:

  • Episode one
- The impact of Covid-19 on economic substance compliance and directors duties
  • Episode two
- Bringing your BVI company to an end: strike off vs liquidation
  • Episode three
- Pushing the envelope
  • Episode four
- The liquidation process for BVI companies
  • Episode five
- Private Investment Funds
  • Episode six
- Demystifying the continuation or re-domiciliation of foreign companies 
  • Episode seven
- Establishing substance in the BVI
  • Episode eight
- Succession planning and BVI assets – A few practical pointers