Harneys' Ideas, Innovations, and Investments conference series: The technology boom in Asia

Asia-Pacific (APAC) continues to make significant strides in cementing its status as the leading region for technological growth worldwide. According to research from McKinsey & Co, APAC accounted for over 52 per cent of global growth in revenue of technology companies over the last decade.

Home to the world’s fastest growing economies, a tech savvy population that accounts for half of the total number of internet users worldwide and an e-commerce market projected to be triple the size of the United States, it comes as no surprise that APAC will remain front and centre for investors, businesses, start-ups, and consumers looking to take part in this transformation.

In this fourth video of the series, Vicky Lord, Shanghai Managing Partner at Harneys and Maggie Pei, Senior Vice President at Iconiq Motors discuss the critical role start-ups play in APAC, with a particular focus on AI.

They delve into:

  • The vital role General Counsels can play in a tech start-up
  • Tips on fund-raising for pre-IPO companies, including fund-raising insights in a SPAC
  • Start-up challenges, and how to overcome them
  • How to identify investment partners for early stage start-ups

This discussion formed part of our inaugural Ideas, Innovations, and Investments virtual conference.