Take off with Harneys Tech Accelerator Program

We are proud to announce the inaugural launch of our Tech Accelerator Program, designed to support tech innovators and professionals with free legal advice and trust company services as they prepare to launch a company or fund.

We are encouraging start-up funds and emerging growth companies to apply to receive up to US$25,000 of combined legal fees from Harneys law firm and trust company services from Harneys Fiduciary. They will also be mentored by our expert lawyers who will help guide, support and take under their wing the successful candidate.

The BVI continues to prove itself as a jurisdiction that supports innovation and is constantly adapting its regulatory framework to allow it to stay ahead in this evolving digital era. The recent regulatory sandbox regime that came into force on 31 August 2020 is designed to foster the growth of FinTech related businesses and provides a testing ground for start-ups in the jurisdiction.

Partner Philip Graham commented: “In a world where start-up funds and tech innovators are driving economic growth, we are delighted to be able to support them through the Harneys Tech Accelerator Program and help bring the next big idea to life.”

We are looking forward to hearing from the latest and greatest tech innovators and professionals as they prepare to launch their company or fund. Interested candidates can apply by filling out a simple form, outlining key details of their business idea. Applications will be accepted up until 10 December 2020, after which a shortlist will be announced.