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About us

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Where technology and law intersect.

We help clients to keep pace with the changing demands of a rapidly changing world. Our innovation and tech hub is dedicated to harnessing the power of collective thinking to drive business transformation.

Here, the ideas framed by our market-leading lawyers are developed and realised by our technology experts, connecting technology with law to provide our clients with new, often disruptive solutions to legal challenges and fiduciary obligations.

Our story

For 60 years, we have pursued an entrepreneurial, convention-breaking approach. This has allowed us to shape, champion and at times challenge the way things are done in the offshore legal and fiduciary landscape.

We live in a rapidly changing world with high levels of uncertainty and complexity. Client needs and regulatory obligations continue to alter swiftly, influenced by societal and economic circumstances. Attuned to this unfolding reality, we are dedicated to developing an array of transformative digital, client-centric solutions that make sense of complexity and deliver clarity.

Harneys Wave fuels our next-generation law firm and fiduciary service provision. With a long pedigree of game-changing industry firsts, our culture of relentless innovation continues to power our work.

From our foundation, we have initiated and driven genuinely disruptive change. We pioneered significant legislation to establish the BVI’s finance industry and create a successful model to be emulated across other jurisdictions. We have developed many bespoke and innovative industry firsts in the BVI and beyond. We are recognised for innovation too. Our Economic Substance Classification Solution, the first of its kind, was nominated by Legal Week for its International Law Firm Innovation Award.

Harneys Wave is our innovation space, where we harness the power of our continuing story of disruptive change.

Being responsive to change is essential, but we have developed something even more crucial: the ability to anticipate change. Operationally and culturally, our mindset and ‘mind space’ encourage innovation that can create efficiency and real value.

Innovation is an overused word. To us, it’s about truly understanding and harnessing the opportunities that arise from connections and interplay between people, processes and technology. Doing this has enabled us to create a new set of online solutions and easy-to-use apps that help us deliver our legal expertise more quickly and efficiently. More of these are planned.

Sometimes we need to disrupt systems. We are never afraid to challenge how things should be done.

We are tech-forward in orientation, but we don't lose sight of the importance of deep client relationships. We stay close to client needs, obligations, and ambitions.

We live this ethos internally. Sharing is greatly encouraged. Through our Moonshot ideation platform, we collect and harness ideas from all parts of our firm. Harneys Take-Off Program supports the growth of start-up and emerging companies, as well as funds and tech innovators. Open and collaborative relationships underpin our work, helping us anticipate and solve our clients' most pressing issues.

The new normal is more unpredictable than ever before. Because of this, we don't have a fixed mindset. Instead, we stay agile and flexible, pivoting to practical solutions as change happens and new challenges emerge.

Our products

At Harneys Wave, we are dedicated to developing an array of transformative, digital, client-centric solutions that make sense of complexity and deliver clarity. Learn more about our online solutions and easy-to-use apps that help our clients access our legal expertise more quickly, simply and efficiently. More of these are planned.

MiCA Assessment Tool

A free tool designed for crypto-industry participants to determine if they have any regulatory obligations under MiCA.

Regulatory and Tax Disclosure Tool

This free tool gives users clear insights into disclosure obligations and helps them navigate and comprehend the legal implications and complexities associated with disclosure requests.

CRS & FATCA Classification Solution

A bespoke online solution designed for BVI and Cayman entities to determine classification status under the CRS and FATCA regimes.

BVI VASP Initial Assessment

A free tool designed to help users determine if their entity is a "virtual asset service provider" (VASP) under the BVI AML Regime.

DAC6 Assessment and Reporting Tool

We have automated transaction assessment of cross-border arrangements followed by bespoke data collection, guaranteeing accurate reporting to relevant tax authorities for entities incorporated in Cyprus and Luxembourg.

Economic Substance Classification Solution

A simple and cost-effective way for BVI companies and limited partnerships to classify an entity and receive real-time, tailored legal advice to prepare an entity and its registered agent for compliance and reporting obligations.

Meet the team

Richard Cowton Harneys front portrait image on a grey background

Richard Cowtan

Global Product Lead

Richard leads the effort to bring products to market and ensures our tech and innovation offerings continue to serve our clients over time.

Jacquelyn Kenel Harneys front portrait image on a grey background

Jacquelyn Kenel

Business Projects Manager

Jacquelyn is our product and client support lead. She ensures clients remain at the forefront and are supported throughout the product's life.

Rahel Worede Harneys front portrait image on a grey background

Rahel Worede

Head of Marketing & BD Projects

Rahel is our Marketing, Business Development and Sales lead. She ensures our innovative mindset is at the forefront of engaging with our audience.

Priyanka Patel Harneys front portrait image on a grey background

Priyanka Patel

Product Engineer

Priyanka is pivotal in bringing legal tech solutions to market whilst implementing new features to existing products.