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Company Restorations Tool

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Experience the future of BVI company court restorations with our revolutionary tool.

Our company restoration tool is designed to streamline the complex process of restoring BVI companies, making it more manageable and straightforward.

This comprehensive, user-friendly tool ensures a seamless journey from start to finish, eliminating the complications and delays inherent in conventional restoration methods. Discover how we are redefining the restoration process, providing a swift and efficient solution that puts you in control of the process.

Get started today and experience firsthand how we have simplified applications for BVI company court restorations.

How does it work?

Our tool consolidates the company court restoration process into six straightforward, user-friendly steps.

  1. Free restoration assessment: Begin by assessing the complexity of your restoration journey and receive a free assessment and fee estimate. Decide whether to continue using the tool.
  2. Swift conflict check & onboarding: Confirm our ability to act on your behalf and proceed with onboarding.
  3. Automated document generation: Provide your company details and upload the necessary documents.
  4. Review by legal experts: Our legal experts will thoroughly review your documents for accuracy before preparing court application documents.
  5. Harneys will file and serve your documents: Receive execution versions of the court application documents with clear signing instructions.
  6. Completion of restoration: We will handle the final steps of your restoration. Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive final pack, including your restoration certificate.

Discover the ease, efficiency, and control we bring to the restoration process.

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Multiple restorations
If you are planning on restoring multiple companies contact us separately by clicking here
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Key features

Our tool is designed to make the court restoration process more accessible, affordable, and user-controlled. It introduces progressive solutions that significantly impact and simplify the entire restoration experience.

Free access to restoration assessment

Quickly assess the complexity and cost of your company's restoration.

Interactive online forms

Ensure accurate data collection, optimise collaboration and minimise delays.

Expert guidance

Receive clear instructions from our team to guide you through the restoration process.

Streamlined communication

Eliminate the need for multiple emails between you and our lawyers for enhanced efficiency.