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Data protection & privacy

Our dedicated team of Data Protection & Privacy experts can help your business navigate the complexities of data protection and privacy laws. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke and practical solutions for data protection compliance.

Clients choose us because our structured and dedicated personnel ensure the data protection compliance process is managed effectively. Benefitting from a multi-jurisdictional focus and collaborative team, our services are tailored and cost-effective.

Our Data Protection & Privacy practice advises on all aspects of data protection law in Cyprus, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands.


The Harneys privacy practice in Cyprus has acquired over the years a wide and versatile experience in privacy and data protection matters and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our services

GDPR trainings

Data breaches notification services

Data protection officer assistance services

Data transfer agreements

Data Protection Officer (DPO) services

Advising on cookies and social media targeting

GDPR compliance programmes

Regulatory updates and review

Providing legal advice on data privacy laws


The Harneys privacy practice in the Americas offers advice on complying with the fairly recently introduced data protection regimes in Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands, including:

  • Bermuda Personal Information Protection Act 2016
  • The Virgin Islands Data Protection Act, 2021
  • The Cayman Islands Data Protection Act (2021 Revision)
Our services

Responding to data subject requests

Handling personal data breaches

Intra-Group Transfer Agreements

Providing practical advice to ensure the security of personal data

Advice on data transfers outside of the applicable jurisdiction

Providing legal advice on appropriate lawful basis for processing

Drafting documents eg privacy notices and data protection policies

  • Working on an ongoing basis with a developer, owner and operator of casino gaming and entertainment casino resort facilities in Asia listed on NASDAQ to assist with the GDPR compliance of their Cyprus operations, this being their first foray in Europe.
  • Working with one of the largest factories in Cyprus to assist with the GDPR compliance of their operations.
  • Working with one of the largest children’s medical centres in Cyprus for the implementation of their GDPR compliance programme.
  • Working with a global real estate firm with a CIS focus based in Cyprus on the compliance of all their operations with GDPR, with a particular focus on the structure and compliance of their international marketing activities.
  • Advising a prominent financial services innovation firm on the data protection aspects of an information request by a third country regulator.
  • Providing support to litigation proceedings on data protection considerations of third country disclosure orders.
  • Advising international outfits with headquarters in Cyprus in relation to the relevance of GDPR to their non-EU operations.
  • Assisting offshore funds, fund administrators and fund managers in relation to the relevance of GDPR to their operations, and working with them to implement necessary GDPR compliance procedures.
  • Acting as incident response counsel in Cyprus for a number of global financial institutions, in cooperation with UK law firms.
  • Advising clients on the data protection considerations of their anti-money laundering compliance programmes.
  • Advising on applicable privacy and data protection considerations in connection with a number of high profile banking acquisitions in Cyprus.
  • Advising a global, multi-billion dollar medical device company on an Intra-Group Transfer Agreement, involving a BVI entity and BVI data transfers, to ensure compliance with the BVI Data Protection Act, 2021.
  • Drafting data protection policies and privacy notices for a number of BVI entities, including businesses in the financial services industry, private island resorts, and a cybersecurity firm.
  • Building robust data protection clauses for contracts of employment and consultancy agreements for a range of organisations, of varying sizes and sectors.
  • Advising on the handling and reporting of a personal data breach by a Cayman Islands entity.