Trusts & private client litigation

The trusts-private-client team comprises a mix of contentious and non-contentious practitioners.

Our specialist team spans our global network with contentious trusts specialists in our Asia, BVI, Cayman and London offices. Our team is one of the largest with Asia and London based attorneys working seamlessly with our expert advocates in the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. 

We advise corporate and individual trustees as well as settlors, protectors and beneficiaries on complex, litigious (and potentially litigious) issues that arise in the course of the administration of trusts and regularly appear before the British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands Courts. 

Our track record shows that:

  • We are mindful  of the importance of confidentiality and the delicate nature of trust disputes.
  • Our approach is to work towards finding a resolution at the earliest opportunity.
  • When conflicts are unavoidable, we provide strong advice and advocacy.
  • We are focused on reaching effective outcomes with minimal costs.

Our Services

  • Trust litigation
  • Court applications (non-contentious):
    • Mistake applications
    • Variations of a trust
    • Directions (for example, blessing of a momentous decision)
    • Rectification
    • Representation for minor/unborn beneficiaries
    • Regulatory and compliance advice

We work very closely with our experienced and globally recognised Private Wealth team on the non-contentious side to ensure we achieve the desired outcome for our clients.