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Family Office

We understand the unique needs of family offices, and the high premium placed on trust, professionalism, and discretion. Our highly skilled team of lawyers provide family offices, HNWIs and onshore advisors with specialist guidance and support in relation to various aspects of their structures, investments, estate and succession planning, and wealth management. Our lawyers will identify and manage the most suitable ownership structure for your family, including single and multi-family offices, trusts and foundations, private fund structures, investment companies and partnerships, charitable and philanthropic structures, operation, and succession planning for future generations. Our client list ranges from some of the world’s largest and oldest family offices to young entrepreneurs looking to build generational wealth for the first time.

We understand that the services our clients require are often complex and diverse and regularly extend beyond one area of expertise. Our offering spans corporate, banking and finance, investment funds, and litigation as well as the full suite of traditional private wealth offerings and other HNW ancillary services.

We are involved in a range of transactions with clients, including negotiating M&A and private equity-related deals, assisting with due diligence, providing commercial advice on ancillary arrangements and agreements, reviewing term sheets for proposed deals, voluntary liquidations, and property de-enveloping, and advising on joint venture or shareholder agreements.

Our highly respected lawyers work alongside Harneys Fiduciary, which provides a full complement of corporate, wealth, and fiduciary services in the BVI and Cayman Islands.

Our offering includes:

Private Wealth

  • Trust structures for asset protection and estate planning
  • Property and real estate (in BVI and Cayman)
  • Private trust company structures
  • Charitable and philanthropic structures
  • Wills and probate
  • Succession planning
  • Immigration and employment (in BVI, Cayman and Cyprus)

Investment Funds

  • Open and close ended fund formation
  • Private equity investments and co-investments
  • Investment companies and partnerships
  • Virtual assets and alternative investments

Corporate, Banking & Finance

  • Corporate structuring
  • Voluntary liquidations
  • Regulatory review and compliance
  • M&A and divestments


  • Trust litigation
  • Fund litigation
  • Probate litigation

Team members